Cold Rolled Sections Produced With Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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35+ years of Honest Customer Service + high Quality offering = Integrity that’s reflected in our products ...That’s hard to beat

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Flexible Batch Production Universal applications

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Bespoke Solutions

Specialist profiles to your custom designs

Serving your market

with profiles that perform





Flexible capabilities that support your business

From precision formed cold rolled sections and press braked components, to fabricated assemblies, all achieved from within our 18,000 sq ft manufacturing facilities. With 35 years of experience, rest assured that we know how to make our products last.

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    Ductile materials expertly formed
    to your exacting requirements

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    Fully Traceable
    & Certified

    From 0.25mm to 10.00mm material gauges Up to 300mm strip width

    Ability to form high strength materials
    In-line piercing facility
    In-line roll logo marking
    In-line ink jet marking

    End-to-End solutions that involve you
    at every step

    Providing custom roll forming, specialising in delivering bespoke solutions and a variety of additional engineering services for a wide range of construction, industrial, agricultural, marine and automotive applications plus other major sectors serviced.

    Focusing on quality and customers service above all else

    Profile design
    Tooling manufacturing
    Section development
    Flexible batch production

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    New Capabilities, New Offerings, Enhanced Quality