Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Profile (Case Study)

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A high-profile yacht builder needed to resource a mirror polished stainless-steel profile, their existing source were having difficulty in providing a consistent profile without surface condition issues such as marking and inclusions in the visible mirror polished surface. And damage to the profile in transit


Our engineering design team reviewed their current profile, and it was advised that an alternative orientation of rolling the profile would reduce surface issues in the production process.

An improved surface protection was also added to protect the mirror polished surface prior to the commencement of rolling, thus eliminating all surface finish issues.

An alternative packing solution was also developed to reduce bow and twist of the section in transit.


An effective re-engineered solution generating a cost saving through tooling design, material supply conditions, and eliminating any refinishing or wastage through elimination of logistical damage of the mirror polished profile by improvements to the packing medium.