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MCRS’ in-depth and versatile knowledge of the cold roll forming industry is applicable to an expanse of sectors, providing bespoke cold formed products designed for peak performance.

With years of experience in the cold roll forming field, refining and revising our practises, the engineers at MCRS are well equipped to advise clients in all industries about how to overcome the manufacturing difficulties they experience.

Our availability across sectors has aided the rapid expansion of MCRS and our manufacturing capacity, as we form ongoing relations with clients and continue to grow our high quality portfolio.

MCRS offers a comprehensive service for clientele across all industries, including the design, fabrication, and sub assembly of cold formed components.

MCRS has up to 30 roll stands available on a line for the creation of a range of cold roll formed profiles, suitable for all sectors. Our cold roll forming capabilities include:

Material thickness from 0.3mm to 6.0mm
Strip widths up to 450mm
In-line piercing facility
In-line roll logo marking
In-line inkjet marking

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    Following a design consultation, in which our project development engineers will work alongside our customers’ development team, the appropriate material for each project will be determined.

    MCRS can roll and press ferrous and non-ferrous, coated, and high strength metallic materials, ministering to a range of sectors, including, but not limited to:

    Heavy gauge applications