About Us

Originally established 1993, Midland Cold Rolled Sections Limited have witnessed vast organic growth in our years of operation, stemming from our dedication to our industry and faith in our processes.

The evolution of MCRS has enabled us to expand our manufacturing capabilities, providing our cold roll forming services for larger client bases, spanning across new industries.

The ground for our growth is simple: we offer solution provision. MCRS specialises in re-engineering processes to overcome the difficulties our clients encounter during the design and production of their products. With an in-depth understanding of the cold roll forming industry, our expert engineers work closely with clients to determine how processes can be streamlined for the optimisation of their bespoke products.

It is our dedication towards perfecting our services, and supporting our clients, which facilitates the stellar portfolio MCRS holds.

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    Our Capabilities

    MCRS’ comprehensive manufacturing service includes cold roll forming, performed on up to 30 roll stands, and auxiliary operations, including on and off-line piercing, cutting, and detailing.

    We further engage in design, fabrication, and assembly, providing an expansive, in-house service.

    MCRS can work with and deliver:

    Material thickness from 0.3mm to 6.0mm
    Strip widths up to 450mm
    In-line piercing facility
    In-line roll logo marking
    In-line inkjet marking

    This can be achieved with ferrous and non-ferrous, coated, and high strength metallic materials.