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Cold Rolled Sections For Rail

Cold roll forming offers an economic, consistent, and accurate form of manufacturing metal sections for the rail industry.

MCRS’ commitment to further streamline the cold roll forming process, as guided by our expert engineers, has enabled us to perfect this method.

It is this continuous drive to better our services that has led to the rapid expansion of MCRS. Our increased manufacturing capacity allows us to serve a variety of sectors, including the rail industry, with precision cold formed components.

Our cold formed components have been designed and manufactured in consideration of the difficulties our clients face, with the team at MCRS working closely with clients to better understand, and overcome, potential design and manufacturing issues.

With up to 30 roll stands available per line at MCRS, we can deliver a range of cold roll formed products suitable for application within the rail industry. Our specialist engineers further offer design, fabrication, and assembly to ensure our high standards are maintained throughout the development of products. MCRS can supply and deliver:

Material thickness from 0.3mm to 6.0mm
Strip widths up to 450mm
In-line piercing facility
In-line roll logo marking
In-line inkjet marking

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    Cold Rolling For Rail Applications

    Cold Rolled Sections For The Rail Sector

    Cold Rolled Sections For Rail - Cold Rolled Sections for the rail sector

    We moreover work with both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic materials, as well as high strength and coated metals, selected during the design consultation process so as to reflect the requirements of individual projects.

    Because of the bespoke nature of MCRS’ service, lead times for the cold roll formed components for the rail industry will vary. However, MCRS always seeks to oblige clients’ time limitations where possible.

    Within the rail sector, MCRS can provide precision cold roll formed products for a multitude of purposes, including, but not limited to:

    Rail infrastructure