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Marine Cold Rolling

Balancing aestheticism with functionality, MCRS produces rolled sections with close tolerance cold rolling profiles for the marine sector.

Our unparalleled dedication to the industry over our years of operation has enabled us to perfect our processes – providing a supportive and informed service for our clients.

MCRS are solution providers; our expertise is best exercised when re-engineering products to enhance performance. Our team of experienced engineers work in close collaboration with clients to determine the exacting specifications of each project, delivering perfectly formed cold rolled sections in light of this.

It is MCRS’ drive to provide total customer satisfaction that has facilitated the rapid growth of our company, and thus expanded our potential for handling high material tonnage.

MCRS houses up to 30 rolls per rolling mill within our Wolverhampton premises. We offer a completely bespoke service for our clients, capable of designing, manufacturing, and sub-assembling parts for even the most complex profiles. MCRS can work with and deliver:

Material thickness from 0.3mm to 6.0mm
Strip widths up to 450mm
In-line piercing facility
In-line roll logo marking
In-line inkjet marking

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    Marine Sector Cold Rolling

    Cold Rolling Profiles For The Marine Sector

    marine cold rolling - cold rolling profiles for the marine sector

    We moreover form a range of materials, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as coated and high strength metallic materials, as applicable in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our customers.

    For applications within the marine sector, MCRS can supply bespoke cold roll formed products which fulfil the requirements of a range of UK markets, including but not limited to:

    Super yachts
    Fishing vessels
    Cruise ships
    Ocean liners