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Cold Rolled Sections for Super Yachts

As an established business within the cold roll forming industry, MCRS produces cold formed sections for super yachts.

Placing value on the consistency and precision of close tolerance profiles, the expert engineers at MCRS aim to achieve complete client satisfaction through premium products.

MCRS has grown rapidly since its establishment; our dedication to perfecting our processes, and utilising these same processes to resolve the difficulties clients face, has catalysed our position as industry experts.

We use this experience and knowledge to offer our clients a streamlined and economic manufacturing method which enhances performance of products.

MCRS has up to 30 roll stands available per line, with which we can manufacture even the most complex profiles to the highest quality and standard; tolerances under 0.5mm per dimension can be achieved for super yacht componentry. Alongside this, additional roll forming capabilities include:

Material thickness from 0.3mm to 6.0mm
Strip widths up to 450mm
In-line piercing facility
In-line roll logo marking
In-line inkjet marking

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    Why Choose Cold Rolling For Super Yacht Fenders?

    Here at MCRS we cold roll and produce yacht fenders in the West Midlands. Situated in the heart of the industrial revolution, all of our cold roll profiles and sections are designed and produced in house, making them the highest of quality.

    With our extensive design capability and production engineering capabilities, we are proud that we have the flexibility for smaller batch production. Where some competitors have Minimum Batch materials from five tonnes per section, we can produce from one tonne. This means we can cater for a wider range of specifications.

    We are also highly experienced and know just what we’re doing. With over 75 years of experience in the business delivering requirements and over 200 years combined experience in the marine sector, we pride ourselves on our top level of service and yacht fenders that have real unrivalled quality.

    Our experience extends (but isn’t limited to) working with companies such as British Gypsum, JCB, Gray & Adams, Rietor Scragg and more.

    To find out more about Super Yachts in the West Midlands and Cold Rolled Sections please get in touch with us today - we would love to hear from you.


    What are the main components of a super yacht?

    Super yachts are powerful modes of transport that are known for their impressive capabilities and powerful motors that can travel long distances. In order to make a super yacht this classification, it must be over 200 feet long - something not many people are aware of! While super yachts look fantastic from the outside, there is a lot going on below deck that makes it run as it does. The mechanics and intricacies of engineering create a powerful vessel that’s able to run smoothly through the water while taking on heavy weights. There are a host of intricate components that make up a super yacht which we will go into below. Superyacht components such as trims and roller track sections are made from 316 grade stainless steel which is standardised & suitable for use in marine and corrosive environments. 316 grade stainless steel for superyacht components is usually mirror-finished.

    The main components of a super yacht:

    Components Of Superyacht

    Super yachts are made of a host of components, some of the main ones include:

    Anchor - Used to keep the yacht in place

    Berth - The area of the yacht for sleeping

    Bow - The front of the hull of the ship

    Bridge (also called a cockpit) - Where the captain sails the super yacht from

    Cabins - The private sleeping quarters

    Deck - The main area for recreation that you can walk around

    Fenders - Super yacht fenders prevent the super yacht bumping against a dock, or other vessels

    Galley - The kitchen area on the super yacht

    Helm - The steering mechanism of the super yacht

    Propellers - The blades that rotate beneath the water and propel it to move

    Rig - Different equipment to help control the sails on a yacht (if it has them)

    Stern - The back of the hull on the yacht

    Trims - Trims for window sections

    Doors & Roller Track Sections - Doors and the roller tracks they open from

    What Are Yacht Fenders?

    As mentioned above, there are many components to a super yacht, yet we want to tell you a bit more about yacht fenders. As leading producers of Cold Roll Forming Super Yacht Fenders, we are well experienced in just how vital these are for your vessel. With high absorption and low reaction force, fenders for yachts will keep your super yacht safe from damage when on the water. They are a necessary component for your super yacht.

    Designing Super Yachts

    Succeeding a design consultation brief, where our experienced project development engineers will work in conjunction with our clients’ development teams, material choice will be determined.

    We work with all ductile metallic materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous, coated, and high strength metals, providing the versatility needed to accommodate our clients’ requirements.

    MCRS can do this with all UK based clients, further offering auxiliary on and off-line operations, and assembly of parts, for a comprehensive manufacturing service.

    Lead times for super yacht componentry will vary depending on individual project specifications, though MCRS seek to respect the restraints of clients’ project timescales.