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At MCRS, our cable trays and ladders are manufactured using cold-rolled metal sections. This construction method offers great advantages over other materials. The benefit of cold rolling is that it works to strengthen the metal.

In particular, cold rolling works to increase the durability and corrosion resistance of the metal. It also helps the metal become lightweight, which is ideal for installation and handling purposes.

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    Cable Management

    Proper organisation and management of cables are essential to maintain safety. Incorrect management of cables can cause fires and other hazards. Therefore, it is best to practice storing cables safely to minimise the risk of safety risks.

    Using cable ladders is an easy and smart way to manage cables. Cable ladders offer many advantages and are simple to use. It is also possible to use cable trays, ladder racking, and simple cable racking. Yet, here anyone can understand the use and importance of using safe and proper cable management.

    Whether you need to store cables from data centres or home offices, here is everything to know about cable ladders.

    Cable Ladders: Cable Management & Cable Trays | MCRS - Midland Cold Rolled Sections

    Cable Ladder Specifications

    There are various sizes and materials to choose from when it comes to our cable trays and ladders. It depends on your preference and environment. It is best to suit the product to the environment. Whether you are working in an office, marine, or outdoor environment, there will be a cable ladder in our range to suit your needs.

    We also offer an array of finishes. We produce galvanized or powder coated options. These finishes offer excellent protection against extreme weather, which can cause corrosion. You will not need to worry about the weather causing damage to your chosen cable ladder.

    Plus, the finishes are perfect to integrate and align with other decor in the space. They are minimalist in appearance, helping them blend seamlessly into any interior.

    Quality Cable Management Solutions | MCRS - Midland Cold Rolled Sections

    MCRS’s Cable Ladders & Cable Management Trays

    Are MCRS, we commit to creating and offering the highest-quality cold-rolled products. We meet industry standards and ensure to fulfil every customer's expectation. As we offer an array of finishes, sizes, and types of cold-rolled products to assist with cable management, we can ensure to fulfil your request.

    Every product we produce is manufactured in accordance with international standards. Hence, every product that comes from us will be safe, durable, and reliable.

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    Fast Turnaround On Ladder Racking & Cable Trays

    If you are looking for high-quality products in good time, we will ensure to provide you with the best customer service. We offer fast turnaround on ladder racking and cable trays, so you can ensure to have your product and manage your cables in no time.

    Our dedicated team is hot on customer service and will ensure to always be there to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

    At MCRS, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalised solutions and ensure that our products meet your specific needs.

    To learn more about our cable management products and resolve your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more.