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Cold Rolling For Aerospace

Delivering cold roll formed products to the aerospace industry that are designed to address unique problems and challenges, MCRS has firmly established itself as a solution provision service within the manufacturing sector.

Since its establishment, MCRS has experienced growth at an exponential rate, enabling us to expand our offerings to a greater client base. Our engineers, backed by both knowledge and experience, minister to clients across industries, offering an advisory and supportive service which facilitates high levels of client satisfaction.

MCRS is dedicated towards delivering excellent customer service, understanding that it is the collaboration between client and manufacturer which yields the greatest results.

MCRS houses up to 30 roll stands per line for the production of precision cold roll formed aerospace componentry. We work with and deliver:

Material thickness from 0.3mm to 6.0mm
Strip widths up to 450mm
In-line piercing facility
In-line roll logo marking
In-line inkjet marking

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    Aerospace Cold Rolling

    Cold Rolled Sections For Aerospace

    Cold Rolling For Aerospace Industry - Cold roll Forming Profiles For Aerospace

    Alongside our cold roll forming, MCRS further offers design, on and off-line auxiliary operations, and assembly, for the complete production of cold formed goods.

    Following the design consultation process, the specialist engineers at MCRS can determine material specifications arising from careful calculations made in consideration of project requirements. MCRS work with a range of materials, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic materials, as well as coated and high strength metals.

    By working with a multitude of compatible materials, MCRS offers a varied and bespoke cold roll forming service.

    Lead times for aerospace components will vary due to the nature of this service, though MCRS strives to oblige the parameters of clients’ project timescales.

    We design and manufacture a range of cold roll formed products for use within the aerospace industry, including, but not restricted to, the following components:

    Aircraft interior components
    Jet engine cylinders and rings
    Exhaust cones
    Combustor liners